You design it, we build it.

Decor options as unique as you are. At Sunshine Homes, we believe that your home’s look and feel should say something about you. It’s our goal to take your vision and bring it to life with a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and finishes that come together into a carefully-crafted and highly personal decor package made just for you. Explore our decor options below and find the perfect combination to tell your home’s story.

Bring Your Vision to Life

PPG - Bay of Fundy PPG1007
PPG - Delicate White PPG1001
PPG - French Gray Linen PPG1029
PPG - Greyhound PPG1008
PPG - Knights Armor PPG1001
PPG - Little Lamb PPG1112
PPG - Storms Coming PPG1008
PPG - Tornado PPG1009
PPG - Tundra Frost PPG1009
Cippolino con Panna
Dolce Vita
Istanbul Marble
Neapolitan Stone
Flat Panel Walnut
Shaker Style Charcoal
Shaker Style Ivory White - UPGRADE
Ceramic Backsplash - Cellar Salt - UPGRADE
Ceramic Backsplash - Southerleigh Hopp - UPGRADE
Serentina Herringbone Tile Backsplash - Zen - UPGRADE
Serentina Herringbone Tile Backsplash - Accord - UPGRADE
Loft White
Linoleum - DF 9592 American Heritage Woodland
Linoleum - DF 9442 Pacific Maple Charcoal Brown
Linoleum - DF 9626 Meteor Hillsborough Beige
Linoleum - DF 9630 Vintage Plank Cafe Au Lait
Linoleum - LX277 Barn Wood Greige - UPGRADE
LVP - Tawny Oak - UPGRADE
LVP - Ivory Oak - UPGRADE
17 oz. Maple
17 oz. Nutshell
17 oz. Putty
17 oz. Gunmetal
25 oz. Sage Brush - UPGRADE
Artisan Biscotti
Eres Seabreeze
Neo Irongate
Reza Stone
Trovatta Legend
Vinyl - Greystone
Vinyl - Pearl
Vinyl - Country Beige
Vinyl - Cypress
Vinyl - Driftwood
Vinyl - Clay
Vinyl - Olive - UPGRADE
Vinyl - Espresso - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Arctic White - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Monterey Taupe - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Mountain Sage - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Iron Gray - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Navajo Beige - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Cobble Stone - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Khaki Brown - UPGRADE
James Hardie Lap - Timber Bark - UPGRADE
Shake - Clay - UPGRADE
Shake - Espresso - UPGRADE
Shake - Sandalwood - UPGRADE
Smart Lap siding - Cedar
Shutter - Black
Shutter - Brown
Shutter - Cranberry
Shutter - Green
Shutter - Sandstone
Window Trim
Exterior Trim Package - Khaki Brown
Moire Black
Reshawn Shake
Weathered Wood
Polar White
Ash Gray
Charcoal Gray
Saddle Tan
Cocoa Brown
Burnished Slate
Country Red
Forest Green
Hawaiian Blue
Crimson Red
Light Stone
Desert Beige
Tiger Blue
Galvanized - Galvalume
Upgrade - Burnished Slate Crinkle
Upgrade - Charcoal Crinkle
Upgrade - Black Crinkle

Sunshine Homes 2019-2020 Decor Board

Get Inspired

Need some examples of beautiful decor combinations in a Sunshine home? Check out our gallery below and get some inspiration for your design project.

Ready to Design Your New Home?

If you have a decor plan your home in mind, great! We’d love to hear your ideas and help you customize your new Sunshine Home to match your vision.