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For over 50 years, Sunshine Homes has been committed to building the highest quality manufactured and modular homes in Alabama and the Southeast. Our mission is to provide American families with the best factory-built home that money can buy.

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Sunshine Homes has been building quality homes since 1971. Our mission is to build manufactured homes and modular homes with quality, style, and value to meet the evolving needs of today’s hardworking families. We are a family-owned, debt-free, and financially sound company. Our homes have a variety of options to fit your taste and budget in order to completely satisfy any individual or family who is looking for quality and dependability without sacrificing style.

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Introducing Beko appliances, now partnered with Sunshine Homes!

Featured Manufactured & Modular Homes for Order


Prime / PRI3284-2058

2400 ft²
32'0" x 84'0"
The PRI3284-2058 is a modern and spacious home suitable for families. It boasts a large living room, a well-designed kitch...

Prime / PRI3280-2071

2152 ft²
32'0" x 80'0"
As Seen at The Biloxi Show 2024! The PRI3280-2071 is sure to raise eyebrows with its stunning new exterior package, Beko a...

Prime / PRI3284-2010 with 3 bath option

2400 ft²
32'0" x 84'0"
This spacious 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home brings the comfort of everyday living with the luxury look you need for entertaini...

Prime / PRI3264-2070

1800 ft²
32'0" x 64'0"
Sunshine Homes proudly introduces the PRI3264-2070. This all new addition to our Prime series line of tape and texture hom...

The Arc 8000 9000 / ARC1680-8012

1185 ft²
16'0" x 80'0"
As Seen in Biloxi 2024! Sunshine Homes introduces the ARC1680-8012- the newest addition to the Arc Series. The nutmeg barn...

The Arc 8000 9000 / ARC1680-8004

1185 ft²
16'0" x 80'0"
The ARC1680-8004 is an ideal choice for individuals and families who desire an affordable yet spacious home. This open-con...

Sunshine Homes Featured Videos


Walk Through the Brand New PRI3264-2058 as shown in Biloxi!


Michael Huffacker Hosts Duston Curtsinger and special guest Richard Rawlings on a tour of the brand new Arc Series 8004!


Learn More About the inspiration of the all New Arc Series and Sunshine dedication to providing affordable homes.


Tour the 2058 by Sunshine Homes with Michael Huffacker, Duston Curtsinger, and Richard Rawlings

Homes to Meet Your Style & Budget

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are homes that are built in an advanced factory rather than on-site. In many ways, they signify the future of housing due to their overwhelming benefits with regard to efficiency and cost-savings.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are similar to manufactured homes, but offer even more flexibility for creative designs and layouts. Built in a factory setting to local state codes, modular homes are constructed in sections, or “modules.” These are then transported to the building site and assembled, much like a site-built home.

Single Wides

Single section homes, or single wides, are considered by many to be the most versatile type of manufactured home. That’s because single wides offer such a wide range of and designs within a relatively small footprint.

Double Wides

Modern double wide homes are the largest category of factory-built homes because they fit the needs of so many Americans. Double wide manufactured homes are very popular with first-time homebuyers, empty nesters, and those looking for a second home.

Find a Sunshine Home in Your State

Sunshine Homes proudly services the great states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Tennesseea. To find your new Sunshine home, just click a state on the map or choose from the list below. Find a home you love, request a price quote, and we’ll put you in touch with an authorized Sunshine Homes retailer right away.

Why Choose a Manufactured Home?

Quality & safety

Manufactured and modular homes are built to the HUD federal code and IRC state codes, respectively. These codes are a collection of performance and safety standards that dictate every aspect of a factory-built home’s construction. This includes structural design, plumbing, thermal/electrical systems, fire safety, energy efficiency, and more. Inspectors make sure all these standards are met every step of the way. The goal is to guarantee the highest degree of safety and quality construction in your home. When a manufactured home leaves our factory, it has passed what is arguably the most rigorous inspection process in the housing industry.


One of the biggest advantages of factory construction is efficiency and scalability. This translates into savings that are passed down to you, the buyer. Manufactured and modular homes are built in climate-controlled facilities where the weather is always perfect. This means that unlike a regular site-built home, there are  no delays due to bad weather. Theft, damage, and vandalism are similarly nonexistent. Because manufactured home factories produce homes at a high volume, manufacturers are able to purchase building materials at volume prices. All these things combine into one thing everyone can appreciate – a lower price tag for home shoppers.

Customization & Amenities

Manufactured and modular homes don’t require you to sacrifice design, style, or comfort. These homes are shipped with best-in-class brand name appliances. Add-ons like fireplaces, decks, garages, and porches are easily achievable. Advances in the building process have allowed manufacturers to produce homes in a huge array of architectural styles. You can choose from many existing Sunshine floorplans, or customize a home to fit your budget, taste, and lifestyle. In fact, in many ways manufactured homes offer a level of customization that stick-built homes simply don’t have.

Eco-friendly & Energy Efficient

Sustainability is quickly becoming a major focus for manufacturers who have a vested interest in offering their customers eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes. As it turns out, manufactured home construction can yield up to 90% less waste than a stick-built home. How? It all goes back to the efficiency of factory construction. For example, the use of Low to Zero VOC paints is better for the environment. Double flush toilets and low flow faucets cut down energy costs. Insulated walls means less time running temperature control devices, which substantially reduce your carbon footprint. Today’s homes can even be built with modern green practices in mind, such as rainwater harvesting and grey water systems.

Contact an Authorized Sunshine Homes Retailer

Ready to buy your new manufactured home? Have questions about the construction process, or concerns about financing? All Sunshine Homes Authorized Retailers are carefully selected for their expertise in the factory-built housing industry and a dedication to client satisfaction. We won’t do business with just anyone — Sunshine retailers are highly skilled professionals with a focus on outstanding customer service. We want you to be treated like family, and that’s why we only offer Sunshine manufactured and modular homes through a network of retailers we trust.